Teacher I Application Procedures

Follow these step-by-step procedures in applying for a Teacher I position.

DepEd is currently hiring people with various skills to enhance its human resources. DepEd welcomes interested applicants who are service-oriented, purpose-driven, and equipped with competencies that can contribute to the efficient delivery of the organization's services. http://deped.gov.ph/careers
DepEd SDO Marikina ensures that all applicants will be included in the database of applicants for Teacher I position. Please take note of the Unique Applicant Number (UAN) and the Applicant Registry Number (ARN). (If the Division Online Applcation Facility is not yet available, provide only the UAN to the school.)
Teacher applicant will submit his/her documentary requirements to a public school in Marikina. Please be advised of the "one application, one school" policy. Teacher should take note of the interview date to be facilitated by the receiving school.
Receiving school will provide information and facilitate the interview and the demonstration teaching of Teacher aspirants.
The Schools Division Office will set the date for the English Proficiency Test (EPT) to be taken by all Teacher applicants as one of the components measured.
It is the responsibility of the Schools Division Office to release the RQA after all applications have been processed and deadlines have been met.

Qualified applicants shall be notified by the Division HRMO and shall be given additional information to complete the application process.