Availability of service: Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Personnel in-charge: Ms. Veronica Cena and Ms. Erliza Viernes

Who may avail of the service?

  1. Drop-outs from the Elementary and Secondary Schools for at least one (1) year
Frontline Service Requirement(s) Steps(s)/Procedure(s) Processing Time Personnel In-Charge
ALS A&E Passer's Certification / ALS Certificate of Enrolment Request Slip
  1. Client proceeds to the second floor office of the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) for inquiries
  2. Client secures a request slip from the CID clerk. CID clerk provides a request slip to client.
  3. Client fills up the slip and returns to the CID clerk for processing of the certificate
  4. Indicate printed name and signature in a logbook before receiving the certificate.
10-15 minutes CID Clerk, CID Chief
ALS Enrolment Inquiry
  1. Client proceeds to the first floor ALS/LRMDS Office
  2. Client presents the queries/request for enrolment from the Education Program Specialists in-charge of ALS
  3. Prepare the needed requirements for enrolment and proceed to the nearest Barangay/School-Based ALS Learning Center to submit the requirements and confer with the ALS Facilitator
10-15 minutes Education Program Specialist (ALs)