Availability of service: Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Personnel in-charge: Ms. Estela M. Uayan

Fees: None

Frontline Service Requirement(s) Steps(s) Processing Time Personnel In-Charge
Check Preparation for Division Office Obligation Disbursement Voucher
  1. Upon receipt of duly accomplished/approved Disbursement Vouncher (DV) from Accounting Unit
  2. Prepares check to be signed by the 2 authorized bank signatories.
  3. Countersigns check. Forward checks and DV to the Office of the Superintendent for signature.
5 -10 minutes Cash Unit Head
Payments of Refund or Over payments
  1. Receives the cash/ check from payor representing the collection based on the Order of Payment prepared by the Accounting Unit.
  2. Issues Official Receipt to acknowledge receipt of cash/check
1 minute Cash Unit Head/ Staff
Disbursement by Cash-Payment for Payroll and other Expenses
  1. Receives the approved check from the Cashier.
  2. Encashes check in a Government Servicing Bank.
  3. Pays officials and employees other payables.
  4. Employees/payees shall sign on the received portion of the payroll/DV to acknowledge receipt of payment.
  5. If there are unclaimed salaries, refunds the same within a reasonable time, Official Receipt representing the refund shall be issued by the Cashier.
30 minute Cash Unit Head/ Staff
Releasing of Photocopied Payroll for ATM and Cash Salaries
  1. Receives accomplished request form.
  2. Releases the requested document.
5 minute Cash Unit Staff