Availability of service: Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Personnel in-charge: Atty. Ceasar Augustos Cebujano

Who may avail of the service?

  1. Teaching and non-teaching personnel
  2. Public elementary and secondary schools

Fees: None

Frontline Service Requirement(s) Processing Time
Legal Opinion and Advice (i.e. consultations; advisory, etc.) None 15-30 minutes
Technical Assistance (i.e. document review; drafting; assistance to BAC, etc.) Pertinent document/s for review, revision, drafting, etc. 1-3 days
Administrative Investigation (i.e. fact finding investigation; clarificatory or preliminary hearing/conference; mediation proceedings; grievance assistance; formal action/indorsement; reporting; etc.) Verified Formal Complaint/Answer/Counter-Affidavit under Oath with Certificate of Non-Forum Shopping and supporting documents, etc. 5 - 45 days (depending on the nature of the action/procedure)
School Titling (i.e. site donations; registration; settlement of school site disputes; etc.) Pertinent documents on site/land titling, etc. 30 days and above (depending on the nature of the action/procedure)
Administrative Representation/Appearance (i.e. deputization by the OSG; attendance in congressional/senate hearings; appearance in court/tribunal/administrative body proceedings; etc.) Formal invitation, deputization documents, authority/order to appear/attend, subpoena, etc. 1 day or more (depending on the schedule or nature of representation/appearance)