Availability of service: Deadline of submission of application for government permit:

  1. New Application - August 15 of the precedent year
  2. Renewal - August 15 to December 15 of the precedent year
  3. Recognition - October 15 to December 30 of the precedent year

Personnel in-charge: Dr. Librada M. Gazzingan

Who may avail of the service?

  1. Private Elementary and Secondary Schools (JHS and SHS)

What are the requirements?

For New Applications

  1. Endorsement letter from the Schools Division Superintendent
  2. Ocular Inspection Report by Division Office Team
  3. Board Resolution (including the curriculum and course offering
  4. Notarized Comprehensive Feasibility Study
  5. TCT, Deed of Donation/USUFRUCT, Lease Contract
  6. Certificate of Occupancy (Institutional)
  7. Class Program (Including Teachers Credentials)
  8. Proposed budget for the school year Approved by the Board
  9. Notarized proposed tuition and other school fees
  10. School Receipt
  11. Application/Inspection fee receipt (Division Cashiers Unit)
  12. Certificate of Membership to SSS, PhilHealth etc.

For Renewal

  1. Application letter stating the name of government permit being applied for
  2. Endorsement letter from the Schools Division Superintendent
  3. Ocular Inspection/Progress Monitoring
  4. Photocopy of Inspection and application fees receipt
Steps(s)/Procedure(s) Fee Processing Time
  1. Client files a written request to School Division Office
  2. The School(s) Division Office receives the written request with the requirements
  3. Records unit forwards the written request with the requirements to SGOD
  4. SGOD checks and verifies submitted requirements and prepares the endorsement to the Bureau of Evaluation and Assessment
  5. Releases the endorsement
Processing Fee P200.00 Within 60 minutes