Availability of service: Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Personnel in-charge: Mr. Bienvenido Contapay

Fees: None

Frontline Service Requirement(s) Steps(s) Processing Time Personnel In-Charge
Receiving of documents None
  1. Receives, sorts, opens, read, stamps and log all official communications
5-10 minutes Records Unit
Releasing of documents None
  1. Checks the completeness of communication already acted upon
  2. Stamps, releases, dates and initials documents
  3. Separates the original from the second copy
50 - 10 minute Records Unit
Mailing and delivery of documents None
  1. Records, affixes stamps, mails/ delivers outgoing communications
5-10 minutes Records Unit
Processing of Certification, Authentication, Verification (CAV) CAV Form
  1. Checks credentials submitted
  2. Encodes information
  3. Verifies
  4. Submits for signature of authorized signatory
  5. Releases
5 - 20 minute Records Unit
Request for Certified Photo-Machined Copies of documents (201 files)
  1. Receives request through requisition slip
  2. Retrieves, verifies, certifies
5 - 20 minute Records Unit