Availability of service: Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Personnel in-charge: Dr. Helen Grace V. GO

Who may avail of the service?

  1. Public elementary and secondary schools
  2. Teaching and non-teaching personnel
  3. Community stakeholders

Fees: None

Frontline Service Steps(s) Processing Time Personnel In-Charge
Receives all Communications/ memoranda from the Records Section
  1. Routed all communications/memoranda to the Chiefs of CID/SGOD and Head of Sections/Units concerned for action.
  2. Returned to SDS Office all the routed memoranda/ communications acted upon by the heads of sections/units concerned for signature of the Schools Division Superintendent
  3. For release to Records Section
Within the day Ms. Mary Seal Marcellana, Ms. Janievid Gabute, Ms. Camille Eunice Carmona
Receives payrolls/salaries of teachers and non-teaching personnel (National and Citypaid), Vouchers for Cash Advances, Obligation Request, PR/PO from Accounting Unit for Signature of SDS
  1. For Signature of SDS
  2. Release to Cashier
  3. Release to Accounting
  4. Release to Records
Within the day Ms. Mary Seal Marcellana
Complains acted upon by the Legal Section
  1. For signature of the SDS
  2. Returned to the Legal Section for Release
Within the day Ms. Mary Seal Marcellana & Ms. Janievid Gabute
Receives duly processed Appointments, ERF, Plantilla, Retirement, Separation, Assignment Order
  1. Release to Records Section (ERFs, Retirements, Resignation, Assignment Order
Within the day Ms. Mary Seal Marcellana & Ms. Camille Eunice Carmona