Availability of service: Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Personnel in-charge: Ms. Anna Marie Exequiel

Fees: None

Frontline Service Requirement(s) Steps(s) Processing Time Personnel In-Charge
Request for repair work, Approval of Request, Scheduling of repairs Duly accomplished and signed repair / rehabilitation request
  1. Duly accomplished and signed repair/rehabilitation request
  2. For Approval of request by SDS
  3. Scheduling of repair/rehabilitation
Schedule for manpower availability End User, SDS, Supply Officer
Issuance of Office Supplies on-hand Submit Request form duly signed by the requesting officer.
  1. Submit Request form duly signed by the requesting officer
  2. Approved Request and Issuance Slip
  3. Issuance of supplies
Release Supplies within 3 minutes Supply Clerk, Supply Officer, Supply Officer/Clerk,